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Three phase separator

3-Phase Separators


1, Rated working pressure: 4-9.8 mPa

2, Gas processing capacity: 50150104M3/d

3, Liquid processing capacity: 4001000 M3/d

4, Water processing capacity: 500 M3/d


When inflow of oil & gas from oil well flowed into the separator through inlet pipeline of separator, oil-gas flow goes through the energy absorber at inlet and the first phase separation is completed. The oil-gas flow, after the first phase separation, can then get a buffer via the corrugated board, thereby fog-foam will be removed from gas flow and the residual liquid drops can be cleaned out. The separated cleaning natural gas will go into an anti-vortex mist collector and put out from the tank, and then the natural gas shall enter into air process after it goes through the testing air orifice plate device and pneumatic control valve. Separated liquid is separated by gravity, and then oil can be gained from oil separating board. Outlet for oil and water are set at front or end of the oil separating board separately. Flowed oil and water pass by flow meter separately to measure, and then come into respective process.

A three-phase separator is mainly used to separate the oil-gas flow into oil, water and gas. It also can evaluate the daily capacity of crude oil and natural gas by advanced measurement instrument; besides that, it provides convenience to sampling and analyzes all kinds of components.






Gas processing capacity

Liquid processing capacity





1000 thousand m3/d

800 m3/d





500 thousand m3/d

400 m3/d