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API 16C kill manifold
API 16C kill manifold



1, Executive standardAPI SPEC 16CAPI SPEC 6A

2, Working pressure: 2000PSI20000PSI

3, Nominal Bore: 2.1/16"4.1/16"(46mm103mm)

4, Working Temperature: -46C121CClass LU

5, Working Medium: oil, natural gas, mud

6, Material classEEFF


Kill manifold is necessary equipment in well-control assembly to pump drilling fluid into well barrel or inject the water into wellhead. It consists of check valves, gate valves, pressure gauges and line pipes.

When full ram seals well, inject weighted mud into well bore to perform well killing.

    When well blowout occurred, inject water into well through kill manifold to prevent be on fire.

   When the well is on fire, inject extinguishing agent into well bore through kill manifold to put out fire.